Hey guys,

Whatever I said was coming isn’t anymore. I’ve been having a long long.




Break and I’ve decided to try come back to this because I miss it so much.


But I haven’t had motivation so I might turn it into my uni animation portfolio.


Anyway. I was watching Zoe and Mark videos and yes I yearn for a friendship like that. Don’t get me wrong I adore my friends but sometimes I feel like I’m not in my body. My mind and heart wants to see places and make new friends and just have a Zoe Mark thing.


I dunno maybe I’m being silly.


Anyways. Hopefully I’ll be back happier. If at all.


That’s all folks




Something Missing

Something Missing

Heya everybooooooody,

Do you ever feel empty? Not hungry. Empty.

Like you are missing something or someone in your life?

I feel like I am missing a person in my life.I don’t know why. I have a phone full of beautiful idiots who I love to PEICES! Who I can contact at any time.

But, for some reason lately I feel like I can’t or don’t want to tell them stuff. If i’m nervous I sit there for ages thinking about who to ask. If i’m sad I take a long time to figure out who to go to for that.

I don’t know what’s going on. But what I do know, I feel incomplete. I need someone to just pop up in my life and be that person.

It’s an unexplainable feeling but it is what it is.


I hope if any of you guys feel that way that you find your missing piece.

See ya folks.




My problem with Disney

My problem with Disney


I don’t have a problem with Disney. You all know I adore disney, I grew up with disney.

I have a problem with some of the people who have a problem with disney.

Before I continue, only some views that people hold. I am not saying everyone who has a problem with disney is wrong. I am just saying that some people take it too far.


So, the other day we watched a video in English language and it was all about gender roles in the media. They had sections on adverts, Harry Potter and then Disney. The girl who made this video over dramatized quite a lot I think.

First of all she used Snow White as an example. That was definitely a wrong move on her part. For one thing, that film came out in 1937. Secondly, the character Snow White is 14 so she doesn’t know how to be a ‘strong, independent women.’ She also didn’t have a motherly figure to learn from.

The original story from the Grimm brothers surprisingly gave Snow White a typical happy ending in the castle with her prince. The story was published in 1812.

Equality definitely was not even an idea in 1812. Which is depressing.

Disney took this idea, like they did for most of their princess stories, from The Grimm Bothers fairy tales. I personally think people should not go after Disney for controversial films before 2000. Especially ones that are based on fairy tales written decades before.

Another thing about people going after disney about female characters and princes. They are fairy tales. They are not supposed to be realistic. They are supposed to be an escape from the depressing dark hole that is real life. Why do you want your kids to watch realistic things? That’s boring.

I do understand and completely agree that strong female lead characters are very important for little girls and boys in this time. However traditional Princess films will have less than independent female characters because of the time and place of the film.

I feel like people hate on the Princess films too much.

Also why do people only comment on the princesses. Disney Princes are just as unrealistic, they aren’t particularly good influences on little boys. I know I am contradicting myself now but it is true.

Princess Brior Rose (sleeping beauty) is your typical Princess. She is slim, loves animals, dreams of a prince and sings. People are constantly going on about she is setting standards way to high for little girls. She is unrealistic.

Well, what about Gaston?

I don’t think I have ever heard of him as a bad influence for a little boy. When he his stereotypically your ‘macho man’ who loves himself and only wants a bit of arm candy.

So turning this back around to my point.

I think people should lay off the disney princesses.

Well I went off on a bit of a tangent there.

So I am going to end this here now.

I will most definitely carry on this discussion another time.

Feel free to express your opinion but please don’t get angry at each other or me. They are opinions. If you have nothing nice to say, do not say it.


See ya folks.
















A funny thought I had today

A funny thought I had today

So, I had the best thought ever today!

I was sat in my Hufflepuff robe doing my homework.

As you do.

I was sat in front of my mirror singing and I looked up at the mirror.

Obviously I saw myself singing in a Hufflepuff robe.


Then I had a great thought about the Harry Potter series!

Do you think they did school plays?

I mean how incredibly awesome would that be?

Like can you imagine in the marauders era. Sirius and James teasing Remus for being in the play when they both secretly want to be in it!

Or Harry, Ron and Hermione cheering Luna at the end of a dramatic scene.

Or just all the kids in the third generation all participating like a glee club!

Just….. imagine it!

It’s brilliant right??

Ok well that was on my brain so

cya folks!!



An Introduction to Me… (2 days late)

An Introduction to Me… (2 days late)

Hiya everybooooody,

So today is the day. Well it was supposed to be two days ago. And you should all be thanking my one of my best friends that it is up today considering she snap-chatted me circling the date I wrote.

So, great start. I’m doing well! Anyways let the introduction commence.


Hi everyone my name is 3liittlebirds A.K.A Harry.

Dun dun DUN. Well Harriet, Harry, Hattie whatever floats ya boat.

So what’s my blog about? I hear you ask?

I write about lot’s of stuff! Creative writing, character profiles, interviews with characters I’ve made up, opinions, rants and MORE…!

So a bit about me then. I am 16 years old, 17 on Oct 12th! (so soon!) I enjoy things like archery, sewing, drawing and singing. I hope to share those loves with you in the future!

I decided to start my blog when I wasn’t in a particularly happy mood. I remember just being very, very lonely and decided to take to the internet. I never ever thought I’d ever reach over 100 followers.

I used to be a sciencey kid as I have mentioned however since after my GCSE’s I have now dropped both my sciences already. Yeah….

My new goal in life is to be an RSPCA inspector. After me, my best friend and Tara from Letters2emma rescued a dog that has been what my mind is set on!

I hope to one day be an amazing RSPCA inspector!

You can piece together my personality from posts I have already written. Like my history sections! I hope to do more Timehops! I can’t wait to get to the 1950’s!

Anyways Folks, I’m all outta things to say at the moment! Can’t wait to write more posts!

Cya folks!